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Rachel Aziani
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I started off giving Buzz a handjob..that turned into a footjob..which turned into a blowjob! With a little assistance from Buzz, Rachel is squirting on the carpet while being pleasured floating in the sex swing. The audio alone on this one is worth breaking out a box of tissues... Rachel and Buzz in one of their kinkiest performances. Rachel sucks Buzz off in reverse while being suspended, then gets nailed harder than ever before by a demonically turned on Buzz... I made a mess! - Bless her heart, Rachel came so hard riding the Sybian that her juices splashed all over the machine, the floor and the pillows next to her. No worries dear Rachel, we'll gladly clean that up for you...
Okay, her little stint in the country was fun but Rachel Aziani is back in town, fully fashioned up and ready to gush some of her juices on the designer couch. Ah, it's good to be back home... City girl Rachel Aziani takes a little vacation on the rural side of the country and finds a set of hay bails to relax on. The naughty babe she is, Rachel always brings her favorite sex toys with her... Rachel masturbating with a dildo Rachel Masturbates with big toy
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Buzz got a little (just a little..haha) horny during my bathing suit photo shoot. I could see his cock getting rock hard in his jeans!! He worked so hard taking some sexy photos of me..I felt like he needed to have some fun! Rachel gives Buzz a handjob and lets him come in her mouth went out with some of my girlfriends for a fun night out on the town. I was wearing a sexy little black dress, no bra or panties. (of course) I got home and was super horny. I asked Buzz to grab the camera and I was going to show you all how wet my pussy I wore this beautiful dress out to a dinner party one night and it attracted a lot of eyes. Well that only means one thing..I must share with you all. No bra or panties needed! Buzz got extremely excited while I was masturbating.  After I had an incredible orgasm I invited him over for some fun of his own...
Busty Rachel strips off her business suit to show off her big natural boobs and curvy butt, then takes a lunch break for a blowjob. love giving him head. It was getting harder by the minute. I sucked, stroked and licked his hard cock until he came! He came into my mouth, not missing a drop! Rachel relaxes by taking a  foamy bubble bath. Rachel shows off her nipples through her sexy black see-through top. Rachel visits the Valley of Porn and it has an effect on her. Luckily she brought her favorite toys...
Busty Rachel's new lingerie can barely contain her massive big boobs. Her sexy little outfit shows off her great ass and curves but Rachel wants to show it all! Busty Rachel strips naked by the pool to enjoy the warm California weather I bought this pink shirt several years ago and I finally found the perfect opportunity to wear it! Not sure if I can call it a shirt..LOL..doesn't cover up much! I love the way my nipples kept peeking out the holes. Hard to keep those babies in. Rachel drops her skirt, leather boots, reveals her big natural breasts and shaved pussy I took turns stroking and sucking his hard cock. The harder he got..the faster I went. *using a little teeth... just a little* BOOM..he exploded his love juice in my mouth
Part II...of my naughty fantasy with a super smoking sexy fireman. After I sucked & teased his hard cock..we were both ready for some hot action! He fucked me until we both cam and ended with a delicious creampie. The already infamous cigar smoking session! Rachel's members have been going crazy about this set of Rachel sucking on a big, fat cigar so we thought your surfers might enjoy it too... While I was in Las Vegas, I did my very first photo shoot broadcast LIVE! OMG..it was so fun, so hot! All those guys watching me live was such a huge turn on..oh..you'll see! A special thank you to jeff for the beautiful black dress and s Rachel gets naughty in public when she strips and sits barenaked on an arcade machine. We had a hard time keeping patrons out of the picture on this one. I was out shooting in LA along with a few of the other Aziani models. Tyler Faith was sweet enough to let me borrow her sexy red dress. I have to say it fit like a glove...it even held up by big natural boobies without a bra which isn't always easy..
Rachel Aziani sucks on and masturbates with a sexy high heel shoe that was sent to her as a gift by a member. Rachel strips out of her velvet dress and slingback heels to reveal her perfect body and big breasts. was ready to hit the town! All dressed up in my sexy heels and red dress. One small problem...my dress was completely see thru. I would love to wear it out in public and see the reactions...that would be priceless. Rachel Aziani in black velvet coat, waist cincher and thigh high stockings; I had a pedicure with my favorite red polish so my toes were looking for some attention!! I started rubbing Buzz's cock, giving him a major hard-on!
fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it. I just knew I would love wearing it out on the town and of course for all of you too! I went out for a bit and came home feeling quite naughty, what else is new? *wink* I did a nice slow striptease making sure to show ~every~ body part. Wait until you see what happened after the photo shoot due to my wet horny pussy. Busty Rachel Aziani knows how to dress classy but she is a very naughty girl at heart who loves to get naked and show off her natural big breasts. A huge thank you to Jeff for the sexy white bodystocking. I just love it! Gotta love the crotchless look, easy access for my big cock like toy! M'm M'm..sexy stuff, you do not want to miss these photos! I asked what you all wanted to see in my next video....you told me you wanted to see a nice messy facial. I took it a step further and wore my sexy secretary outfit and glasses.
Nothing like masturbating live for my members via webcam. I mean..I know exactly what I like and how to accomplish an intense orgasm. However when I know my members are watching me shoot this video live... it just gets me even more excited. The silver bullet, one of my all time favorite toys. It sure has had a work out over the years. It vibrates so nice and fast on my clit, so smooth as it goes in & out of my wet little pussy. Masturbation at its best. Oh it felt so good, you'll se lots of sexy stuff happening in this video! Not only do I masturbate with one of my all time favorite toys, the silver bullet! BUT I pay extra close attention to my legs..showing lots of upskirt shots too. I  was all bundled up in my adorable jacket..but not for long. I was able to share my new purple bra & panty set thanks to JT... Nothing like masturbating outside..naughty naughty! It is somewhat thrilling knowing that someone might see me...and they might just like it!
A member sent Rachel this wonderful red lingerie outfit. It's quickly becoming one of Rachel's favorite and you KNOW how much she love lingerie!... Nothing like taking a bubble bath outside!! This awesome resort in Phoenix that I shot in had a bathtub on the outside patio..nice! Rachel shows off her big, natural breasts in her new bathing suit she got from a fan. Rachel in a sexy secretary outfit...and no panties! Mrs Aziani, ready for dictation! I  love wearing loose tank tops with no bra...it is so damn hot! (and comfy too) Let's just say I get a lot of looks.
The electrician came over to my place because I blew a fuse. OOPS! Too many lights..just too much hot action! He rescued me from being in the dark so I had to repay him. I think I enjoyed his cum as much as he loved me sucking his hard cock! It was a somewhat chilly day in Arizona, you will be able to see that from my extremely hard nipples. I was feeling playful, fun and of course sexy during this photo shoot. Nothing like a tight little mini skirt with nothing on underneath. A special thanks to Al for sending me this sexy black see thru dress & high heels too! He is a lover of feet, toes and high arches. I sure can take care of that fetish..for sure! Rachel playing on the couch I was getting ready to go out for a fun evening in Hollywood when I just HAD to get naked for you all. I love sharing my body with you...paying attention to every inch of my body.
After a fun day of shooting...playing with myself and getting naked, the photographer was a little horny. I pulled down Buzz's jeans and gave him a hot juicy blowjob until he came in my mouth and all over my face. I needed some ice to make my martini and I got soooo lucky when the hotel sent a hottie up to my room! Uh Oh..I didn't have any tip money so instead I sucked his nice hard cock until his cum went all over my glasses, lips and into my mouth. Nothing like masturbating outside, it is so naughty..so risky. The end result should say it all...~my squirt~ (thx to Buzz's hands!) :) Rachel gets very comfortable with her biggest toy after a long day of shooting sexy photos. I started off this sexy steamy video by rubbing oil all over my big natural boobies...caressing them! I just so happened to have my favorite glass toy ...M'm M'm! I always have an awesome O with it..and once again, I succeeded. :)
Busty Rachel Aziani enjoys her hot bubble bath, pouring water of her hard nipples and flawless curves. Rachel teases her foot lover fans by dangling her strappy heels from her feet, and showing off her perfect arches and toes. little trip to the porn store is always a fun time! I bought some sexy pantyhose and an awesome new toy. I couldn't wait to get home and try it out..so I didn't! Rachel gives Buzz the perfect handjob and lets him spray his cum over her DDs. Ok..so this is a very hot outfit I could wear anywhere (except I might want to add a bra) LOL! You think? So classy and sexy at the same time. As much as I loved it, I just had to do a little striptease for you all. I think it was even more fun taking it
I never get bored of the sybian..I love it! I was moving it over to my new studio and just the thought of riding it got me all hot and bothered. I found some sexy lingerie and rode it like a good cowgirl. Busty Rachel bursts out of her sexy red corsett to reveal her big natural boobs, and perfect body. Ok Ok..I have to admit I was a little horny before this photo shoot, but got crazy horny during it. I had this little tingle down there..it felt so good. Now let's see if I can get you to tingle down there as well. I bet I can! Rachel Aziani shows off a lot more than just her hot leather boots and mini skirt. I walked into my office and there was a monster box of chocolates sitting on my desk. Ahhh, how sweet! I asked Buzz to come into my office and made sure to give him a nice Valentines gift of his own...
Rachel says:This white corset with matching panties is so sexy! I just love the way it shows off my hard nipples, without really showing it all. I found this white dress, but it was somewhat conservative...so I had to use my imagination to make it sexy. All things can be sexy!! I put it on and jumped into the hot tub. I love see thru...especially white!! The see thru white panties are back! Of course a new pair..every opportunity I get to buy new ones..I will! I know how much you love them! Yes I know I wear a lot of sexy clothes & lingerie..some that I can not even go out in public wearing. However, Ok..so we were testing two video cameras to see which one we liked better. What a great excuse for me to go get a toy and masturbate. Oh darn! ha! I really just got into the moment in this video...completely forgot the entire world around me I have so many shoes (like most girls) but something about these particular heels that show off my french pedicure (to all you feet guys) and tie up my legs (for all you leg guys)..I got you covered!
I love this shirt, too bad I can't wear it out in public. I think I would turn some heads, no? It was super tight and held up my big natural boobies, but my nipples kept trying to escape. I told you how sexy lingerie makes me feel, well..now let me show you. Nothing like a beautiful corset with matching panties. I rode the Rocker the first time LIVE on my cam show..wow, it was awesome. It felt sooooo good. Let's just say the second time felt just as amazing, I cam SO HARD. I always love riding..being on top so this toy is perfect for me Corsets always make me feel so feminine/so womanly...guess my body was made for them. My hourglass figure, big natural boobies and hips. I recently had a request for black panties...so here you go!! I just love hot summer days..and I really love sexy tank tops with no bottoms. (ha) I was feeling hot..seriously smoking hot during this photo set. I had fun trying to keep my nipples hard...
Boy oh boy...did I feel flirtatious during this photo shoot! I could feel sex pouring from me. I was on and the camera was eating me up! I  always feel naughty when I am in or around the Viper. Fast cars have that affect on me! It's called excitement and that makes my pussy nice and wet! I had so much fun this shoot.. I had the perfect sexy summer dress to wear. *well not for long* hehe! I was shooting this live on cam for my members, which is always a huge turn on! I found this awesome purple wig...and since purple is my favorite color, I had to buy it! Buzz watches Rachel masturbate and after a few minutes he can't help himself but join the action. 2 masturbation clips, 1 cumshot clip
Busty Rachel Aziani in a tight jeans skirt, no panties, and her very revealing red shirt. love taking photos when I know you are watching me live! Sure makes for a wet pussy and some seriously hard nipples!! I bought some new lingerie and heels (of course) and had to show them off to you all. I also must admit I love the way this sexy see thru shirt makes me feel. My hard nipples poke directly at you and my pink tight little pussy gets nice and wet during this shoot. Oh..you'll see! Nothing like a white corset with matching panties to make me feel so pure...so innocent! SO sexy! Of course I am not exactly innocent...I prefer to be naughty sometimes. *wink wink* A special thanks to Rusty for this amazing outfit. A ~chic~ tuxedo, I love it! (not to mention the cool hat) I have to admit I have never seen any costume like this before. He requested a slow sexy striptease..so here you go.
I want to give a special thanks to Kroy for my new t-shirt! He had an awesome visit to the East coast and thought of me! Ahhh, how sweet..thank you!! It fits so nice & snug..holding my big natural boobies in place (no bra) and it is one of I went toy shopping in Hollywood and boy did I get all hot and bothered. Just looking at all those dildos!! I picked out five different ones and couldn't wait to get back to my hotel and try this particular one. Superbabe Rachel Aziani's way of saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Santa hat and no panties. We've been naughty but Rachel might just come down the chimney anyhow...as long as there's milk and cookies waiting for her. I got so horny during this photo shoot, the one right before this video. I took some special photos for a special person and had no intension of doing more...until I started to get naked!!! ... I was at the mall shopping when I saw this dress in the window! It is not only sexy, but pink is one of my favorite colors. It is so feminine..so soft..so pure. I tried it on and it fit like a glove, just like it was custom made for me.
Just look at these sexy red boots..they are so hot!! Not to mention the beautiful waist cincher. Smoking hot outfit! I just love the way it makes my body look..my hourglass figure! Of course no panties or bra. What could be sexier than that? I slowly dipped into the hot tub because the water was on fire. Needless to say..so was I!! This photo set reminds me of a wet t-shirt contest...the one that I have never been in. At least not yet!! I  felt like I had somewhat of a 70's theme going on in this set. The Farrah hair, the sexy dress and the attitude. The 70's were so fun..so wild! I enjoyed getting naughty for you all outside the front door. Rachel loves chrome and motors as much as she loves sexy lingerie. In this shoot we see her enjoy both... Gotta love the double headed dildos! I went toy shopping and realized I have not played with one in years. What was I thinking? hehe! I had such an amazing orgasm with this toy...and yes it did turn me on sooo much more knowing you were watching me live o
It was the end of the day...a shooting day, (not me)...my sexy girlfriends. I got so horny watching the photos and videos for the day that I decided I wanted to get naked too! Where does this girl find her outfits? We've never seen this one-piece black cinch-up top with garters anywhere. And like always, Rachel Aziani looks beyond hot in it... I found this sexy little hat on Venice Beach in California and thought it would be perfect for some sexy photos! I had on my tight t-shirt (no bra) and my favorite ripped up jeans. This photo shoot got so intense, so hot that I blew a fuse! Rachel in Tight Jeans and pink shirt Last time around, Rachel enjoyed a nice buffin' by her man while she was tied up in the swing. This time she's enjoying it all by herself...
I wrapped my completely naked body up in a nice crisp sheet. It felt so nice against my soft skin. I know you were watching me shoot these photos so of course I had to tease you a little bit more. I bought this sweater and made it into a dress. ~Gotta love that~ I have had some requests for my famous black boots....so here you go. You know who you are!! I hope you enjoy this naughty photo set. I just had to order a firefighter calender of all those hot guys. I was so excited to get it in the mail..and once I did I had a lot of exciting fun looking at it. Oh boy..did I!!! Oh it was so hot during this photo shoot! Summer in the desert is not very fun, so I found a way to cool myself off. I poured water all over me..and I mean all over... Busty Rachel Aziani in her soft velvet dress, high heels and a sultry mood.
Rachel gets down and dirty with Buzz after a hot cam show. I was not planning to shoot these photos because as you see I am in my ripped up jeans and tank top. Actually I was helping shoot the other models, but I wanted to get naked too. Now..can I get you naked? I was just finishing up a remodel job...and as I crawled up & down the ladder I thought what a great photo shoot idea!! I know how sexy up skirt shots can be! I wanna be a cowboy baby!! Or should I say cowgirl? :-) Sex was just pouring from me in this shoot. I could feel it big time...the connection was there between the camera & I! ... felt like Marilyn in this photo set...well the dress somewhat reminded me of her. Different color, but same look...same beautiful flow.
I was driving on this lonely AZ highway and found the perfect opportunity to strip out of my short shorts and tank top. I was super careful to watch for cars, however I did get caught up in the moment... I took a trip to the porn store and purchased some naughty goodies. Let's just say my Peter North toy made for a very happy ride home! Rachel soaps up her pretty feet and toes, then rinses them off in the sink. A foot lover's dream movie set! Rachel Aziani in white secretary outfit, glasses and stockings; This was a behind the scenes shoot that I invited all my members to watch! I very much enjoy playing with my soaked pussy using my new glass toy.
I love this super short mini skirt...it goes right along with my tie up heels. My legs look like they go on forever. Been working hard on them so showing them off was fun.. Rachel Aziani unnoficial Fan Site

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